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other Expoagro is an annual four-day open field agricultural exhibition. It is owned by La Nación and Clarín, the 2 main media groups of Argentina. It doesn’t have a fixed location, and normally a 500 hectares piece of land is rented in the most agricultural productive areas in Argentina where the exhibition will be developed. With more than 15 years of experience, Expoagro has become one of the most important and biggest open and dynamic agricultural exhibition in the World, with local and international recognition. In more than 50 hectares destined to almost one thousand stands, you can find the most important local and international suppliers, producers and institutions, Governments and embassies, local and international media, local and international banks, Universities, etc.

One of our main attractions are the demonstrative plots which take place in the open fields (450 hectares) where the best technology can be tested in their different activities: sowing, harvesting, spraying, packing, harrowing, rolling, etc. The latest developments, innovations and tendencies for agricultural machinery and productive systems can be seen at Expoagro.

The visitors that come to the exposition, exclusively dedicated to the agricultural sector, may find the best and most innovative tendencies of: seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, machinery, transport and services, and many other technologies and innovations needed. They may also participate of a complete conference agenda that covers a wide range of topics for the farmer to be able to improve its productivity and maximize the resources utilization.

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