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Want to export to /from Argentina,Uruguay or China?

We can discuss project plans to reduce trade barriers ,and we will try to match your manufacturing goods with buyers both in China ,Australia,Uruguay and Argentina taking advantage of our local presence.

  1. Save TIME:We manage EVERYTHING: Locate ;Negotiate ;Manage delivery…and get your product faster.
  2. Save MONEY :Slash importer middle man margins ;No extra margin on shipping etc
  3. Inside knowledge – save $$ ;Negotiations – Chinese to Chinese ;No extra legals to pay ;Freight consolidation ;Systemized quality control reduces risks;
  4. Protect INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY :Strategies to reduce IP infringement risk

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The Excorp Trading Process

Learn about the three primary steps in taking your product from design to market: development, production, and delivery.

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Project Showcase

View our gallery of products that Excorp Trading has sourced for other clients.

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The Excorp Trading Advantage

Expand your network, improve communication, and save money. Learn more about the advantages of using ExCorp Traing brings to your business

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Business Trip

Everything from business facilities and factory tours to fantastic cultural tours and adventures in the same trip.

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Contact Us

For more information on what Excorp Trading can do for you, to arrange a factory tour, or to discuss that special project, Please  call us today on Australian office  0411059970 .

if in South America, Argentina office  +54 9 345 4947501 and Uruguay 598 96820771

Alternatively ,send us an email and we will be happy to attend to your query in a prompt and efficient manner.


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