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Here are some examples of Industries from different parts of China which whom we have been associated for some time.

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The largest wholesale furniture market and distribution centre in the world. Covers 32 million square feet, extends 5km and features more than 200 furniture outlets French romance; Italian dignity and luxury; Hispanic passion; American manners. Design; workmanship; carving. The art derived from time and history wa engraved in the character of the furniture.

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E.g. Basins & toilet bows, sauna & steam rooms, Jacuzzis, faucets & fittings, sanitary, tiles & mosaic, floor boards, plaster ceilings, kitchens, cabinets, ply board, gypsum board, railing, wooden doors, glass, stairs cases, marble & granite, shower screens, ceiling, wall paper and more. Just one step ,you can buy all of it .

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The world’s largest lighting market includes residential, hotel & commercial lighting. E.g. wall lights, chandeliers, hanging lights / pendent lights, out door lamps, lamp posts ,chandelier ,and more. The world’s largest production base of the most concentrated,Variety is complete,the goods is dazzling ,Just one step ,you can buy all of it .

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All commercial kitchen supplies, utensils, cook ware, pots and pans, hardware, pliers, generators, cables, uniforms etc. What is a lot of more phyletic, breed is very original

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Textiles, upholstery and curtains. Covers an area of 300,000 square meters, more than 5,000 shop, One-stop procurement, the corresponding materials, everything.

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Home decorative items, toys & gifts With a total construction area of about 134 million square meters,day passenger 40,000 much person-time, production enterprise marketing center A beautiful environment, convent is set shopping, tourism and leisure for an international business center.

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Various clothing , Men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, jeans, etc Garment production base and wholesale center Pet Products Toys, treats, cages, apparel, fencing, pets accessories, collars etc.

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Toys, treats, cages, apparel, fencing, pets accessories, collars etc.

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Marine & freshwater aquariums, UV lights, air pumps, fish foods, marine commercial filtration equipment and other aquatic products.

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Handmade ceramic sculptures, decor and artifacts Fine workmanship, glaze color gloss.

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Watches & clocks

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