¿Quiere importar? Conózcanos!

¿Quiere importar? Conózcanos!

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ExCorp Trading Primary services :

Los Servicios de ExCorp Trading :click ESPAÑOL arriba

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Importing from South America

Importar de China y Australia

  • Factory Direct Sourcing
  • Product Management
  • Project Showcase
  • Market Resources
  • Trade Shows

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Exporting from Australia

Exportar desde Sud America

  • The ExCorp Trading Advantage:
  • The ExCorp Trading Process
  • Bilingual Trade Shows
  • FAQ’s

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Business Trips

Viajes de negocios

  • Business & Meeting Facilities
  • Factory inspections
  • Fantastic Cultural Tours

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The ExCorp Trading Process

Learn about the three primary steps in taking your product from design to market: development, production, and delivery.
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Project Showcase

View our gallery of products that ExCorp Trading has sourced for other clients.
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The ExCorp Trading Advantage

Expand your network, improve communication, and save money. Learn more about the advantages of using ExCorp Traing brings to your business
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Business Trips

Everything from business facilities and factory tours to fantastic cultural tours and adventures in the same trip.
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Welcome to ExCorp Trading

ExCorp Trading is a product sourcing company that offers end-to-end import/export services by sourcing,negotiating and facilitating the delivery of trilateral products from China, Australia and South America.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet your overseas purchasing needs. With over 20 years experience in international trade, we have managed to develop long term relationships with many manufacturers from related industries. These close ties have become the key to our success, ensuring we meet and exceed the expectations of global customers not only in level of quality and competitive pricing, but reassuring our clients the on-time delivery of goods by becoming your company’s eyes and voice in the local market. We strongly believe that a good combination of local knowledge and negotiating skills allow us to reduce a lot of risks involved when it comes to choosing a manufacturer .

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[heading]Business Trips[/heading]
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Contact Us

For more information on what Excorp Trading can do for you, to arrange a factory tour, or for bids on current or future products,
call us today on Australian office +61 7553 28466 or China office +8620 842 66931 Or send us an
email and we will be happy to attend to your query in a prompt and efficient manner

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